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etsuko nakamura Mai Jewelery my jewelry has a dynamic and simple design, and offers jewelry that can be enjoyed by adults who feel comfortable and modern and can be used casually. We try to design it so that it can be used in several ways, and we also provide high-quality technology that can be used in any seat, and we value a timeless sense of luxury.

Silver jewelry for men & women
    for you & your loved one.

Etsuko Nakamura Profil

My Jewelry Vision

Graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design. 1982 Opened "Mai Jewelry My Jewelry". Since 1994 exhibited at the  

"international Jewelry Exhibition", department stores, and produced one item  

for customers.

Design and production of men, women and pet jewelry .Based on the policy of casual elegance, integrated production from design to fastening stone. Pursuing "simple & dynamic beauty" that is not captured by common sense.

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