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Etsukonakamura Mai Jewelry sister brand
This is carina.carina.
This is an original pet goods product that you can enjoy fashion with your owner and your pet dog.

Paracord diameter 4mm and 2.4mm rope are used in 3 colors.

The lead and collar are knitted with macrame.
It is very durable because it is created by tying rather than knitting.

It's thick, thick and sturdy, so you can use two small dogs for a walk together.
I think it's fun to coordinate with the clothes you wear.

The charm of macrame is that you can create interesting patterns beyond your imagination by combining ropes of different colors.
You can enjoy complex and modern colors and patterns, and it will be very durable.

Since the material of this product is nylon, it can be washed without discoloration during washing.
The tying method is simple, and you can enjoy complicated and mysterious patterns, which is very attractive.

It can be said that the front and back colors are different and reversible.
There are two colors on the surface, but the core is inside, so it is solid and durable.

The colors of the three ropes appear as pocopoco,
It is tied repeatedly, and the colors and patterns are beautiful even if you look at it.

If you use the lead and collar as a set with cute and beautiful clothes, you may be noticed.

Please enjoy macrame knitting that can only be done by hand.

The birthplace of macrame knitting is an Islamic cultural area that prospered in the Middle Ages, although the specific place name is not clear.
It is said that the roots of the decorations attached to camel saddles and bags were around the 7th or 8th century.
In Japan, Shosoin contains a string to attach to the saddle.

Macrame knitting that has been handed down from history for many years, handicrafts created by human hands,
Please try it for your dogs.
It will be a great gift for dog lovers.

Lead separately ¥ 11000
Collar separately ¥ 4180 X2 = 8360

● Material: Paracord (nylon) Diameter 4mm 2 colors 2.4mm
● Dimensions: Lead = Width 15mm Thickness 7mm Length 110cm
Collar = Width 15mm Thickness 7mm Inner diameter 27cm 27cm (Collar size can be ordered)
● Color: Yellow 25 White Camouflage 104 Madara Pattern C-7
● Naskan: Iron and silver plating ● D can: Iron and silver plating ● Fastener: One-touch plastic

Please let us know the size of the collar with one finger.
I will make it as the dimension of the inner diameter.

Since one item is listed on other sites at the same time, it may be sold shortly before.
In that case, if you place a new order, we will produce it.

If it is in stock, it can be shipped immediately,
If not, we will start production after receiving the order.
Please note that it may take up to 3 weeks depending on the situation at the time of ordering.

[Official] Paracoma Macrame Knitting No22 Bifurcated Reed & Collar

¥19,360 Regular Price
¥17,424Sale Price


  • ・国内 ヤマト宅急便
    ・海外 日本郵便国際eパケットライト

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